Hip-Hop Show Tarinoita Lappeenrannasta

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Meitä pyydettiin esiintymään Lappeenrannan Linnoitusten Yössä. Show:mme oli 45 minuuttinen teatraalinen tanssikomediapläjäys jossa oli räppäystä, breikkiä, laulua, nykytanssia ja erilaisia hip-hop aiheisia tansseja. 

Show:sta tuli valtavasti positiivista palautetta, ja katsomo oli ensimmäisessä näytöksessä niin täynnä että ihmiset istuivat katsomon reunoilla nurmikolla! Oli hauska nähdä että ihmiset ovat kiinnostuneet paikallisista taiteentekijöistä ja erityisesti hip-hopista 🙂

Etelä-saimaa otti kuvia linnoitusten yöstä ja meidän esityksestä:

http://www.esaimaa.fi/kuvagalleria/linnoituksenyo  (selaa toiselle sivulle meidän kuviin)

Kiitos kaikille katsojille, ja muistakaa että voitte tilata meidät esiintymään minne vain! Ottakaa yhteyttä: hiski (at) hiskishow.com ,  0503551145Image


Back to Practice 3, done!

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We just had our third Back to Practice event a week ago, and here is the footage of all the battles at the event. If you go to youtube, there are links to all the different battles within the video, so you can jump to the battle you want to see!

Thank you to our sponsors:

-Jeans City

-Jim & Jill (jimjill.com)

-Alley 53 (alley53.com)

-Lappeenrannan Nuorisotoimi

-Tanssiopisto Sonja Tammela ( tost.fi )

-And last but not least, Street Culture Club!

Thank you also to everyone attending, it was great!

Just another saturday

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Back to Practice

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We had the Back to Practice -jam as planned on 25.9 and it was a great success. Thank you for everybody who helped out and for everybody that participated. Also a special thanks to our sponsors: Jean City, LTKY and Alley 53.

You can see pictures from the event here

Feel free to use the pictures on places like facebook as long as you credit the photographer (Anssi Saviluoto)

We’ll be posting also some videos shortly.

The winners of the competitions were:

1 minute footwork – Elias
Longest Powercombo – Ivan
Hip-hopi – Elias & Tutzi
Toprock – Ivan

Street Culture Club autumn actions!

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As I am writing, tomorrow we will have Harrastemessut AKA Club fair at the school. It is on wednesday, 15th of september, from 11-14 and SCC will be there to provide some general knowledge about our club. You can come and talk about anything, and you can sing up for our mailing list. You can also do it by e- mailing me:

hiski [at] streetcultureclub . com

The first event is also tomorrow, at 18.00 in the Galleria-Aula. There we will have our first lessons of Hip-Hop and Breakdance. Helen from StreetSoul.fi will come and give an example lesson of her classes downtown, and I we will also have our first class of Breakdance/bboying basics. Please come and try both! Or if you want to only try bboying, come at 7pm!

Remember, you do not need to have danced before at all! Helen teaches basic and advanced classes in her school. Here at the university we will have 1 month of basic bboying lessons every week, and if you want more practice, or if you do not need a basics class you can come to our crew practices. Don’t be shy! It is not serious, we just have fun! 🙂

See you all soon!

Shoutouts from Korea

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I was just on Sunday at Physicx last class party at rivers studio. He had to quit teaching due to scheduling problems, so there were cyphers (which I mostly missed!) and cake and stuff like that. Physicx also gave a shoutout to SCC, so big up yourselves and keep practising! Here is a short video: (editing is a little too fast, I know, but it should be fine 🙂

Miss you all, have a nice december, and remember to post here!


In the news

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Hey everybody. Check out the latest edition of Lappeenrannan uutiset. They have a story of Street Culture Club and a nice picture of Marat by yours truly.05.03.2009

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